Toby Lightman And Art Hays Co-Produce “Know Where I’m From”.

I’m very happy to announce the independent release of Toby Lightman’s “Know Where I’m From”. This is an all-acoustic cd of fan favorites from Toby’s catalog. It was a real treat working with Toby on her solo material and we were both very pleased with the results.

We purposely let the songs shine through by limiting each track to no more than 2 extra elements besides the vocals and acoustic guitar. Josh Dodes and Jeff Allen were guest musicians on piano and bass, respectively, and David Thomas Junior handled the mixing duties brilliantly. Duncan Stanbury mastered the cd at Groove Mastering.

In addition to the standard release, Toby has also made a Limited Edition version with 3 bonus tracks, a booklet of lyrics, session photos and her fan’s personal stories about the songs.

You can buy the cd

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Big Boy’s, Olay, Freestyle, Eggland’s, Olympics and much more!!!

There’s been quite an onslaught of activity coming out of the studio at 373 Park Ave South and elsewhere!! I will start with a brief rundown of the new TV ads featuring my music.

1. Big Boy’s – This childhood favorite of mine is running very funny new ads in Michigan, 5 versions to be precise! They all feature my composition, “East Grand”, inspired by the incredible music that came out of a house on that very street in Detroit named Hitsville!

2. Olay – Mother West’s Charles Newman and I composed inspiring music for this new Olympic ad for Oil Of Olay.

3. Freestyle – The incredible Toby Lightman and I worked on an awesome instrumental version of 10,000 Maniacs’ hit song “These Are Days” for Abbott Pharmaceutical’s diabetic testing system. Rumor has it that Natalie Merchant heard and approved!!!

4. Eggland’s Best – There are 6 versions of this new ad which feature’s a tune I wrote with the awesome producer Ming!!! Eggs can rock!!!! Coincidentally, the ads feature the very talented actor Thomas Poarch, whom I worked with in a earlier project.

If you’ve been watching the 2010 Olympics, then you may have heard many of my compositions scattered throughout the coverage. Specifically, the “Uplifting Moments” segment has been featuring a song I wrote with The Hotcakes’ Matt Stamm called “Coming Out Of The Dark”. That’s gold, Jerry, GOLD!!!!!

And most importantly, my greatest production credit (or rathter, co-production credit!) has arrived in the form of my beautiful new daughter Avery Jane Hays!!!!! She was born on February 15th at 9:52 pm in Park Slope, Brooklyn. She is a joy. Her mother and I are very proud!

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Tostitos Salsa commercial airs and Weatherston Hays is there…

Such a thrill watching the Fiesta Bowl last night and seeing the newest Tostitos Salsa commercial featuring Weatherston Hays’ song “Hot Sauce”!!!! It kicked major butt. The animation was incredible and the music sounded awesome. The full version of the song can be found here:


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